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McDonough Communications, LLC helps financial firms empower their investment messages. 

We specialize in investment research. However, the principles inherent to clear, crisp, and compelling market content cut across the broader financial services industry.

The most important principle is what we call Shift|Key Content™, or the process of engineering the most efficient path for investment analysis to achieve its full commercial potential. 


Content creation

We write short and long-form market commentaries, periodicals, and primers in the client's style and voice.

Editorial services

We edit to activate text, unlock its potential, and optimize the entire product for distribution to the target audience.

Executive coaching

We show executives how to leverage their expertise to add differentiated conviction to their messaging.

Product analysis

We critique product suites and offer solutions designed to bolster readability, style, format, and commercial impact.   

Project leadership

We help clients build new publications as part of their ramp-up or to add to their existing editorial cadence.  

Writing seminars

We develop client-specific writing seminars that show participants how to increase their reach and efficiency.



We want to experience a client's content from inside out. We interview decision makers, analyze sample products, and benchmark them against what the client identifies as content goals.


We use that assessment to to build a customized strategy. We then bring that plan to life with refined goals and content that provides a foundation from which the client can work from. 


We provide continuous consultation as projects track to completion. Writing's subjectivity and ever-changing market scenarios make this as important a step as any in the process.



Your organization, your people, your workplace culture. Describe your content, your audience, your goals. We can start the process as soon as you do. 


That investment messages are only as good as your ability to Shift|Key Content in a way that compels market participants to seek your unique view.


McDonough Communications, LLC is a venture designed to build new relationships. Start the conversation and let's see where it goes.

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